• A multidisciplinary team

    Our certified chartered accountants, legal advisors, management consultants and payroll managers will work hand in hand on your file.

  • Digital access

    BFS’s digital platform offers you 24/7 access to your accountancy file


Our 60 accountants and certified chartered accountants are at your service for all your chartered accountancy needs including:

  • Organising company accounts and admin services,
  • third party bookkeeping, year-end, BNB balance sheet,
  • tax returns, VAT returns,
  • financial analysis and advice, budget creation, reporting, analytical accounting,
  • account auditing and reconciliation,
  • private sector and judicial expertise in the field of company accounts organisation,
  • credit reports,
  • and more…


Our legal team of 12 lawyers
offers advice and assistance with all matters relating to:

  • Belgian and international tax law, specifically corporation tax (resident & non-resident), personal taxation (resident & non-resident), tax on legal persons, registration fees and inheritance taxes, VAT, etc.
  • optimisation of your social affairs,
  • business law,
  • company law, social legislation, commercial law, accountancy law and civil law.


Our team is also ready to help you with any of the following:

  • audit: analysis of accounts, due diligence,...
  • company creation,
  • company restructuring: mergers, divisions, liquidations,
  • company changes: change of legal status, incorporation,
  • representing or assisting shareholders with their individual audit or inspection rights,
  • company acquisition/disposal,
  • financial optimisation,
  • and more…


BFS has its own social secretariat to assist your company with its payroll management:

  • payroll calculations
  • issuing payslips
  • withholding tax returns
  • contract drafting
  • social legislation advice and optimisation
  • and more ...