• Accountants who understand how business works

    Because figures and applying regulations are only part of what you do, at BFS our accountants and legal advisors are entrepreneurs at heart

  • No more sleepless nights

    Regular changes in legislation means keeping a constant eye on legal matters. The BFS legal team will do that for you and tell you what changes affect your company.

  • On the lookout for talent

    BFS is growing at an average of 30% each year. To help us do this, we are always on the lookout for employees who share our vision of excellence


‎A firm like BFS cannot survive for years without adopting a different approach from the others.

Yes, we are certified chartered accountants and legal experts but we are also entrepreneurs at heart. This means we can understand your needs and offer you a tailored solution. Our multidisciplinary experts take a holistic approach, considering every issue from the point of view of tax, social legislation, accounts, management and sector regulations, and adapting these in line with your corporate culture.

We don’t just run some numbers through a software package. We reassure, coach and support you at all key moments of the business journey.

Because we are a one-stop-shop, you don’t have the additional cost and operational complications of using more than one external supplier. To further complete our offering, BFS has a social legislation optimisation department working alongside its own social secretariat.

Since it was founded, BFS has seen its volume of activity and service offering grow year-on-year. Today, over 100 chartered accountants, tax, legal and accounting advisers and economists support and advise more than 3 000 clients. We have experts who can assist you in French, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Romanian and Polish.